Final Official Trailer for Wonder Woman

June 2, we finally get the origin story for Wonder Woman. This is a high anticipated film as it is one of the few superhero movies to have a female lead. Me personally, I am not a huge fan of the Wonder Woman character. However, with that said, I am really excited to see this... Continue Reading →

DC Comics Cinematic Universe Comes Alive At #SDCC

HOLY TRAILERS BATMAN!!!! DC Comics FINALLY stole the show at San Diego Comic Con. For the last few years the highlights of Hall H have been dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe but all that changed this year as DC showed off new trailers for Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League. The Suicide Squad... Continue Reading →

Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

Before we get into my thoughts on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice You have been warned....One more photo for you to change your mind and turn back. Spoilers will be kept to a minimum Alright, you stayed. Awesome. So I saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Over all I think the negative reviews... Continue Reading →

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