Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  Oh I guess it is time we discuss Man of Steel 2, which is now officially titles 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. This post will mainly deal with this upcoming film, to see my thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman - click here When I first heard that this movie was going to... Continue Reading →

Salt City Collect-A-Con

This past Sunday on May 4th, Urban Geek CNY attended the first annual Salt City Collect-A-Con at The American Legion in Eastwood. We were super excited as Syracuse does not typically have many events of this nature. There 5 rooms of toys, collectables, comics and games. There was a room with free Table Top Gaming,... Continue Reading →

Urban Geek CNY Re-Born

Well. what do we have here? Oh yes, it is a familiar looking logo isn't it? But I thought I had heard a rumor that this brand was dead, before it was ever truly born? While it was true that Urban Geek 315 was killed before it could even walk, it was missed and has... Continue Reading →

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