Why I Choose iPhone Over Android and Why That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Tech Writer

David vs Goliath, Yankees vs Red Sox, Jordan vs James, Ali vs Fraizer, Tyson vs Holyfield - iPhone vs Android? Yea, it staks up there as one of the greatest battles and debates of all time. Futhermore, we all have a side and battle lines are clearly drawn in the sand. Don't believe me? The... Continue Reading →

Does Your Cellphone Matter? Part 2

So back in 2014 I wrote this post ask the question Does your cellphone matter? I want to revisit this idea. Lately I have been considering switching from an iPhone 6 to an Android Smart Phone. I have been eyeing these devices for quite sometime. However now that I have gotten Sprint to reset my... Continue Reading →

Brand Loyalty

  We all stay loyal to a certain brand. Whether it is what we drink, restaurant we eat at even down to the brand of underwear we choose. This type of brand loyalty is most obvious when it comes to technology. Mac or PC? iOS or Android? For me, I have always been brand loyal.... Continue Reading →

The Return of “The Gadget”

  So far CES 2015 has not been earth shattering. This is actually a good thing. The focus so far at CES, as far as I can tell without being there, is gadgets, smart cars and The Internet of Things. So far this years companies have actually returned their focus to what they do best.... Continue Reading →

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