#CoffeThoughts | Tattoos – Tasteful or Taboo?

It is 2018, Donald Trump is still in the White House but thankfully hasn't caused a nuclear war, kids are eating laundry detergent and for some reason, tattoos are still seen as deviant. Over the last few years, tattoos and tattoo culture has grown by leaps and bounds. A lot more employers have relaxed their... Continue Reading →

#CoffeeThoguhts | Moving On Is Never Easy

In the last edition of #CoffeeThoughts, I talked about how I had to walk away from a 5+ year friendship that had become toxic. What I was not expecting was how hard it would be to move on from it. I know in my heart I made the right decision because I am at peace... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Go Home

January 1st, 2008, I moved out of my parents' house in Bayside, Queens and moved in with some friends in Oswego, NY. In a week, it will be exactly 10 years, a decade, since I have been out on my own, and it has not been all roses and sunshine. After going to college at... Continue Reading →

Time after time

It is cliche to say but we as a people need to start living in the moment and not think about what could have or should have been. I never truly understood this concept. I mean honestly, my life up until now has been a ball of anxiety where I lay up at night worried... Continue Reading →

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