Instagram Account Switching

Instagram has finally released an update we have all been waiting for! With the release of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android, users will now have the ability to switch between accounts. For the average user this means nothing, and why should it. One person one account. However for those who manage multiple Instagram... Continue Reading →

Social Content is King

It is 2016 and brands still post "billboards" on social media. This to me is absolutely mind boggling. I understand the need for a static marketing such magazine ads and actual billboards. What I do not get is these type of ads on social networking. I think brands that does this are missing the biggest key... Continue Reading →

Instagram Introduces Layout

There are many 3rd party apps out there that allow you to layout your photos in a collage format and can then share it with Instagram. Until now the only way to achieve this is through 3rd party applications. Instagram has finally released an app allowing you to do just that Introducing - Layout According... Continue Reading →

Thank Deadpool It’s Friday

That's right Thank Deadpool It's Friday or TDIF for short. Seriously, i do not think I have ever met a better comic book character than Deadpool. He constantly breaks the 4th wall talking directly to the audience. He knows he is in a story and it opens up for pure comic genius. I recently started... Continue Reading →

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