#PullList | Here Are The New Releases For March 22, 2017 | #NewComicBookDay

As always thank you to our friends at Play the Game, Read the Story for providing this list. Be sure to check out there locations in side Destiny USA, as well as their main store North Clinton St next to The Spaghetti Warehouse. They offer many table top gaming events as well as a FREE... Continue Reading →


   You know when we first started we had one simple goal in mind - to be Central New Yorks best Tech source available. We were on a friggin role. Then we branched out. We began writing about comic books and superheroes. Then the Syracuse New Times came knocking at our door. Asked if we... Continue Reading →

Time To Level Up

You know a funny thing happened a while back. I got a legitimate writing job with a local weekly publication. I got to be a tech columnist for a bit. Exciting right? It was. I was finally doing something I always wanted to do. Except it wasn't.... While anyone who knows me knows that I... Continue Reading →

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