The R-Rated Superhero Movie

Deadpool is finally out. This is NOT a review. However, it is a look at where we were and where we may be headed with superhero movies. Deadpool was rated R and when it was announced it was met with a lot of satisfaction from fans. However it was not the first superhero movie to... Continue Reading →

Deapool Trailer and R Rated Comic Book Movies

Time to warm up the Chimichangas, and tear down the fourth wall. 20th Century Fox, yes the same studio that sewed his mouth shut, released the Comic-Con Trailer for Deadpool in full HD glory (NSFW) I cannot begin to tell you how amped up I am about this film and luckily for me it... Continue Reading →

Time To Level Up

You know a funny thing happened a while back. I got a legitimate writing job with a local weekly publication. I got to be a tech columnist for a bit. Exciting right? It was. I was finally doing something I always wanted to do. Except it wasn't.... While anyone who knows me knows that I... Continue Reading →

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