Dropbox To Shut Down Mailbox and Carousel App

Dropbox has announced that it plans to shut popular stand alone apps Mailbox and Carousel in 2016. This announce comes as a shock as Mailbox has been herald as the best email app for iOS. Dropbox created Carousel as its own stand alone photo app and acquired Mailbox in 2013 Mailbox will shut down on... Continue Reading →

5 Must Have Apps

In today's day and age of smartphones and tablets, it is all about the Apps. There are apps for everything. From photo sharing, to shopping and even for parking meters. The business of mobile applications is a Billion Dollar industry. Consumers today no longer want to log onto a mobile website, they want to download... Continue Reading →

Does Your Cellphone Matter? Part 2

So back in 2014 I wrote this post ask the question Does your cellphone matter? I want to revisit this idea. Lately I have been considering switching from an iPhone 6 to an Android Smart Phone. I have been eyeing these devices for quite sometime. However now that I have gotten Sprint to reset my... Continue Reading →

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