App Review: Sunrise

Review of Sunrise App originally appeared as a post on The Ben Ingber Project  We all know that icon all too well. But for those unsure of what it is, it is the icon for the calendar application on iPhone (and iPad). Like most people I have a love hate relationship with this program. I love that... Continue Reading →


Human Interaction in the Tech age

You hear it everyday "Technology is ruining todays youth" or "Kids today have no interpersonal skills because of technology". Then there is my personal favorite "We are fat because technology makes us lazy". All of these are laughable. We see people everyday on mass transit sitting with their heads buried deep inside tablets and smartphones,... Continue Reading →

Instagram Direct Messages

So Instagram has introduced Direct Messaging. Why? No, seriously, I have no idea why Instagram felt this to be a good idea. At no point in using Instagram, have I ever felt "Gee, I want to share this but with only a few people." If I did think that, however, I would just text the... Continue Reading →

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