#CoffeeThoughts – It has been a year…

Photo: Ben Ingber Location: Cape Cod

1 year, 100 pounds. 5 pants sizes, 3 t-shirt sizes, and surprisingly 1 shoe size. 2 1/2 weeks shy of the 1 year anniversary of my Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery (also coincidently it has also been 1 year in the new house). For those unfamiliar with the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery, it is basically when the doctors create a small stomach pouch and redirect my intestines to bypass the entire stomach.


For obvious reasons, this procedure results in rapid weight loss as the new pouch can only hold up to about 4-6 ounces of food. This has been a real hard adjustment at times. When people talk about having bypass surgery, everyone focuses on the benefits and the amazing physical transformation. No one prepares you for the hard mental transformations, and the practical transformations. I literally had to learn how to eat and drink all over again to avoid making myself sick.

For most of us, when we set a table for a meal we put out a drinking glass, fill it with our favorite beverage and load up our plate with all the delicious food in front of us. For me, this is the no longer how things are done. I can no longer drink fluids while eating, I also have to stop drinking 30 minutes prior to eating and cannot drink again for 30-60 minutes after eating. I cannot load up my plate with side dishes and main courses. I need to be very very selective about what I eat and recognize that I will miss out on a yummy dish in favor of another yummy dish. This has been a serious struggle and I have made myself sick more times than I am ever willing to admit. I struggle daily with old habits of snacking. Then, there is a moment, a moment when I see a photo of myself and I realize that it is all worth it

This year has been a re-awakening for me. I have refocused my personal prioritize, I have grown and matured in ways I never thought I would. I have let go of certain things from my past, for no reason other than just associating it with “fat Ben”. However, while I miss certain aspects of that life at times, I have fallen in love with myself again. I have energy, I have stamina, I have a zest for life. I do regret one thing about surgery, I regret that it took me so long to make that decision, however, everything has a time and place and there is a plan.

August 2nd is the 1 year anniversary of my surgery. I started my program in November of 2016

  1. Starting weight: 436 lbs.
  2. Surgery weight: 411 lbs.
  3. Current weight: 311 lbs

These are amazing numbers. However, for me, true success is not in these numbers it is in how I feel and how I look. I no longer have knee or shoulder pain, my sleep apnea is gone, my blood pressure is down. This is what success looks like.

If you ever have questions about gastric bypass or anything I have gone through please ask me, I love talking about it.

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