#PizzaProject – The Brick Oven at Delta Sonic


Ok, so the #PizzaProject has taken me to a few different places around Syracuse, NY. Some have been good, some have been ok. None have been super bad. Through my travels, I have realized that a place does not have to be a traditional pizzeria to be good at making pizza. For example, if you want a good breakfast pizza you should head to a gas station, not a pizzeria. With that said, I have changed the parameters and approach for the #PizzaProject. It will still review pizza but nothing is off limits. Also, this is an ongoing thing with no end goal other than to just eat delicious pizza.


So the other day I went to visit my wife at work and have lunch with her. Of all the places we could choose from, we headed to Delta Sonic. Yup, the gas station/car wash. They have subs and salads and a really nice seating area. They also have The Brick Oven. The serve up Neapolitan style pizza fired in a beautiful brick oven. Now I know what you are thinking, it is a gas station, how good can it be? Well, we certainly eat with our eyes so take a look at this:


Isn’t it pretty? The cheese was slightly underdone for my liking. The dough was crispy on the bottom with a magnificent chew to it. It had those bits of char on the bottom that you expect from a good brick oven pizza. The sauce was robust with amazing flavor that was definitely more sweet than it was savory. The cheese was, like I said, underdone for my liking however it still had an amazing pull to it and was not too salty. I got this pizza with bacon which definitely helped to balance the sweetness of the sauce and added to the salty savory flavor of the overall pizza. The dough was formed nicely and was not too thin in the middle that the pizza slice would droop. Overall, this is a solid pizza.

Now for the scores:

  • Crust – 4
  • Cheese – 3
  • Sauce – 3.5
  • Cheese to sauce ratio – 4
  • Appearance – 4

Overall – 3.7

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