#PizzaProject – Cams Pizzeria


On this edition of the #PizzaProject, I went to Cam’s Pizzeria in Camillus, NY. Cam’s is a franchise in Upstate New York. They boast themselves as a New York style pizzeria. They offer many different slices as well as wings, appetizers, subs and pasta dishes.


Overall, this was a decent slice. The cheese and cheese ratio was pretty spot on. The sauce was a good combination of a savory taste with a sweet finish. The cheese was a good quality, not overly salty and with a good stretch. This slice looked great, the crust wasn’t too thick, no bubbles or burnt spots on the crust. The cheese goes to the edge of the sauce and there is plenty of crust at the end but not too much. The biggest issue with this slice is the crust. There was no snap and it did not hold up on the fold and just flopped over.

  • Crust – 2.5
  • Cheese – 3.5
  • Sauce – 3.5
  • Cheese to sauce ratio – 3.5
  • Appearance – 4

Overall – 3.5

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