#PizzaProject – Toss ‘n’ Fire Wood Fired Pizza


So, what is the #PizzaProject?

Growing up in New York City, we hold pizza to a very high standard. In my 10 years living in Central New York, I tend to shit all over the pizza in the area. After 10 years, I decided that it is time to stop bitching and start searching for what I think is the best pizza in the area. This project will go on for as long as I need it to. Eventually, I will compile a Top 5 or Top 10. However, at every new stop I will post photos and the results.

So, how do I judge pizza?

First, I will only be judging cheese pizza. Why cheese? Because it is basic and every pizzeria, despite what their specialty may be, they make a cheese pizza. Second, I will grade on a 1-5 scale based on 5 categories:

Crust – Does it hold up when folded or flop? Does it have a snap when folded? Thickness?

Cheese – The quality and greasiness of the cheese as well as its overall flavor

Sauce – sweet or savory? The overall flavor

Cheese to Sauce ratio – How much cheese vs how much sauce

Overall appearance – How does the pizza look.

These scores will then determine the overall score for the pizza.


So the first stop for the #PizzaProject was Toss’n’Fire Wood Fired Pizza. They are a unique pizzeria because most places use a gas stove. They use a wood-fired stove that brings its own flavor to the overall product. Traditionally, wood-fired pizza is better and the char marks left on the crust give a flavor that can never be matched. So how did it score?

  • Crust – 3.5
  • Cheese Quality – 4
  • Sauce – 3.5
  • Cheese to Sauce Ratio – 4
  • Appearance – 3.5

Overall score – 3.5

On this particular pizza, the sauce was too sweet. The cheese was a high quality and not too greasy. The cheese to sauce ratio was good with equal parts cheese to sauce, both reaching the edge evenly. However, the crust was seriously lacking in crispness. A wood-fired pizza should have a snap to it, this pizza was somewhat soggy and floppy. Overall, this cheese pizza was lackluster and disappointing.

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