Comic-Cons, Changes and The Future


So, the one thing I did not expect was for me to wake up from anesthesia enlightened. However, I did. I woke up and while in the hospital I took stock in my life and thought about what was important, what wasn’t and who I wanted to be at 33 years old.

You see, my bariatric surgery gave me a new lease on life. Gave me a chance to hit reset and take things in a new direction. Along with that, there was the move into the house. As we all know when you move you tend to re-evaluate all the stuff you have. By re-evaluating my stuff I began to examine life as well.

I will always be a nerd, there is no changing that. However, I let it get out of control. By that I mean, I let my nerdom over shadow my other interests and living up to the idea of being a nerd blogger took over my life and it became a chore not fun. So, what have I done to change that? Well, first I no longer have out any of my pop funkos except for maybe 7 out of 50+ figures. I am also focusing on other interests and other things.

I am also announcing that effective immediately I will not be attending any of the remaining Cons for 2017 and will be on an indefinite hiatus from all Comic-Cons until further notice. I want to get back to doing and writing what I love.

Here is to the future….

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