Its Been A Long Time


It has been a while since I wrote an actual blog post. The month of August has been a complete world wind for Allison and me. On July 31st and August 1st, we moved into our first house. This has been a long project. Allison and I started looking in the housing market at the beginning of 2017. We found some amazing house but everything we saw in our price range still had another $20-40K worth of repairs and upgrades needed in order to make it “perfect”. In March, my father-in-law informed us that he purchased a house for us that was in foreclosure and he would front the money needed to do the upgrades and repairs needed. Fast forward 5 months later and we have a house that costs us the same as anything we saw on the market, the only difference is we designed the entire interior and upgrades. We were able to open the wall between the dining room and kitchen, new cabinets and granite countertops, all new stainless steel appliances, new bathroom (tub, shower fixture, vanity, toilet, and walls). We were super lucky and found beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet in the dining room and installed new hardwood floors in the kitchen and through out the second floor. We are blessed and lucky to have had this opportunity.

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So while all of this was going on, I was also preparing myself to start my entire life over. On August 2nd I completed an 11-month journey. In September of 2016, I went to a seminar at Upstate University Hospital Community Campus (formerly Community General Hospital). This seminar was for their Bariatric Surgery program. Weight has been something I have struggled with my entire life and I started talking about this process in a post here. This journey has been insane. There was the initial freak out when they tell you that you will only be able to eat 2-ounces of food per meal. Then there is the moment when it all clicks when you realize what you need to do at that moment and recognize your relationship with food. Then the fear of the surgery itself set in, and that was a crazy insane ride of anxiety attacks and nightmares. Then surgery day came. My wife literally had to drag me inside after I parked the car. Once inside they put me in a tiny waiting room on a bed while the nurses and PAs come in and go over the procedure with me. Surgery was scheduled for 845am and I arrived at 645am so needless to say it was a long wait. I was finally taken into surgery around 930ish and then spent the next three days in the Hospital recovering. On the third day, I finally got to go home and enjoy the house we just moved into.

It has been a month since surgery and it was the best decision I ever made in life. Check out the 4 week progress so far (photo dates 8/9 > 8/12 > 8/16 > 8/31)


With these changes in my life have come changes in the person I want to be. I do not know what this blog is going to be other than a sounding board for my life. It is not going to be all comics, or all tech, or all hockey, it is going to be life.

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