Review: TAP Into The MOST


Anytime you combine food, alcohol and the advancement of STEM education, I am all for it. That is exactly what the annual event TAP into the MOST strives to do. They bring some of the best food and alcohol vendors from the Syracuse area together to raise money for the Museum’s efforts in STEM Education. The annual Spring event was held on April 8th, 2017 and it did not disappoint. This was my first time attending the annual event and it was super enjoyable.

The event sold out and it was very clear the moment we arrived. The line was out the door of the MOST and nearly wrapped around the block. Luckily (or unlikely depending on your take) it took us nearly an hour to find parking that the line to get in was nonexistent. Eventually, we gave in and parked in the lot for $3. I feel like in the future they should look into maybe pre-selling parking passes for the lot behind the MOST along with the pre-sale tickets.


Once inside we immediately were met with amazing and friendly staff and volunteers who were eager to greet us and help us find our way. We were given a commemorative sampling glass, which is nice and keeps down on the amount of garbage. As we entered the museum there was a table sampling Henry’s Hard Soda. I finally got to try their hard cherry cola and it did not disappoint. Unlike other hard sodas I have sampled in the past, this did not have a strong alcohol finish but rather finished like it started, with a smooth cherry cola flavor. There were also offerings from Schmultz Brewing Company, however, I was unable to get over to them as the table was too cluttered with people congregating. This was an unfortunate theme to the evening Not the fault of the event itself, or its organizers but rather the lack of common sense by event attendees. Most people got their sample and then just stood there, as if they were the only ones who mattered.


Other highlights included the always tasty pulled pork sundae from Bull & Bear Roadhouse & Catering, which is a piece of cornbread in a cup topped with pulled pork, beans, sour cream, and chives. I was also finally able to get a taste of the newest member of the 1911 Spirits Hard Cider family – Honeycrisp Hard Cider, and OH MY GOD it is as good as it sounds! My wife, who attended the event with me, really enjoyed the risotto bombs from Peppinos as well as the coffee ice cream topped with Himalayan pink salt from The Ice Cream Stand. As always it was good to run into good friends from Life of Riley, who had their Disco Lemonade proudly on display, as well as the folks from Old Home Distillers who were sampling their entire line-up of small batch craft spirits


One of my favorite parts of this event is that it is throughout the entire museum. So while sampling the food and drink, attendees were also able to explore the museum’s exhibits and see what is on display. With that though, comes my biggest complaint – The space where tables were felt very cramped with very little room for people to move about. However as the 3-hour event moved along towards its final hour it was easier to move and talk with vendors about their products, well the vendors that were there of course. Most of the samples were being poured by volunteers and not representatives of the brand. I would have liked to be able to talk to representatives of the breweries to learn more about them and their products.

All in all, this was a great event for a great cause and I encourage everyone reading this to consider attending next year and to take the time to visit The MOST, a true gem in the heart of Downtown Syracuse.

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