People Will Come Ray, People Will Most Definitely Will Come


The snap of the leather, the crack of the bat. The smells of hot dogs, beer, popcorn and pretzels. The buzz in the air, the sounds of the music. The view when you first enter the stadium.


There may still be snow on the ground in Syracuse and in may parts of the country where the game is played. However, with both Cactus League and Grapefruit League games starting at the end of this week, there is no denying that Baseball is right around the corner. Here in Syracuse, the Chiefs up there 2017 season on April 6th.

The start of the season always brings optimism. Players are healthy, rookies are wide eyed and excited. Veterans are determined to leave a legacy. The start of a new season brings hope. No matter the out come of last season, if you finished dead last you are determined to do better. If you lost in the World Series you are determined to return and settle some unfinished business. No matter what Opening Day is always and exciting time of year!


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