Deadline Notes – Will Colorado Look To Move Jerome Iginla?

In order to free up some cap space and to give the veteran a chance at a cup, Colorado will most likely look to move Jerome Iginla by the March 1st deadline. This will probably happen only to a team first approved by Iginla. It is a smart move. Truth is Colorado is not getting out of the basement of the league anytime soon, they may in fact wind up with the number pick over all. So where does Iginla wind up? Truth is, that is up to him but lets speculate a bit shall we?
Iginla is no longer a top 6 forward, and to no disrespect for him. However he can still provide huge depth on the third line or even the 4th line. WHOA…did I just demote a future hall of famer to the fourth line??? NO I upgrade a teams 4th line to a 3b line and now putting that team in a situation where they are harder to defend against. I never understood the idea of the fourth line being a teams worse pairings. Why not spread the depth across all 4 lines? But I digress. Not only does a player like Iginla instantly upgrade a teams 3rd and 4th line but he will adds tremendous opportunity to a teams 2nd Power Play unit.
So who needs the offensive upgrade? Certainly Montreal can use him to make a push and so could Los Angeles. However, I would love to see Igiinla go back to Calgary, where it all started, and help push the young team into the playoffs and beyond.
The March 1st deadline will be here before we know it so it will be interesting to see where he winds up if anywhere

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