The last 6 months have been enlightening for me. People I respected proved not to be worthy of that respect, people I didn’t respect earned my respect. I have been trying so hard to be a part of a world that I viewed as a community when in fact it is just made up of a bunch of back stabbing two faced cry babies. 

The truth is, in a small city like Syracuse, there are a lot of talented people who do similar things. Instead of building each other up and building community. People decide to knock others down in an attempt to be the one and only. Not only is this just a dick move, it creates stress and makes for a hostile environment. 
While this may seem like me bitching and some can say that if I can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. This is the exact opposite. This is me just observing other people’s total hypocrisy. They claim they want to build community, brig people together but then take to social media and air their dirty laundry or talk ill about someone behind their back. Neither of these actions build community. 
My goal, is and always has been, to just bring like minded people together to have fun and make each other successful. That never changes. No matter how many times I hear that people talk badly behind my back. 

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