Syracuse Fall Comic-Con and Pop Expo


On Sunday October 23, 2016 Syracuse Fall Comic-Con and Pop Expo was held at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, NY. This is an annual fall event that attracts vendors, cosplayers and comic book enthusiast from all around Central and Upstate NY. While most cons in Central NY put a lot of emphasis on Pop Culture, this con seems to focus heavily on comic books and artists. There were table after table after table full of long boxes and back issues of any comic a person may want. This event was very much family friendly and is a good time for any family if they have a child who has any interest in comic books, or pop culture.


One of the things I love best about this con, and cons in general is the wide array of artists. Each bringing their talents and personal touch on popular comic book characters. This con had some of the best I have seen yet.

The other thing that brings a lot of people out to cons are cosplayers. From Ladypool, Bane, Court of Owls and The Gathering of Sabers in full Star Wars cosplay, the Syracuse Fall Comic-Con and Pop Expo did not disappoint.

The highlight for this con was the hands down the opportunity to meet Joe Sinnott. For those who do not know Joe Sinnott has over 60 years in the industry as an inker. Mr. Sinnott most notably has the inker of Jack Kirby’s pencil work for Fantastic Four. He has also worked on other notable Marvel Titles such as The Avengers, The Defenders and Thor. According to the Joe Sinnott Wikipedia page

Marvel impresario Stan Lee in the mid-2000s cited Sinnott as the company’s most in-demand inker, saying jocularly, “Pencilers used to hurl all sorts of dire threats at me if I didn’t make certain that Joe, and only Joe, inked their pages. I knew I couldn’t satisfy everyone and I had to save the very most important strips for [him]. To most pencilers, having Joe Sinnott ink their artwork was tantamount to grabbing the brass ring.”

This weekend also happen to be Mr. Sinnott’s 90th birthday so the entire con sang him Happy Birthday.


This con was a good family friendly time and I would recommend it to anyone in the future.

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