Logan Trailer

logan-movie-poster-thumb-800x439 (1).jpg

The trailer for the 3rd and final Wolverine movie has been released, entitled Logan. This films will show a much older version of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine as well as a much older seemingly dying Professor X as portrayed once again by Sir Patrick Stewart. We also see a girl who Professor X tells Logan is very much just like him. Presumably this is X-23 but we will have to wait to find out. This is a first look trailer so not a lot of story line information is revealed, however a lot of action sequences are which is always exciting. Personally I have not been a fan of the stand alone Wolverine films, however I am a fan of the character so I will obviously be seeing this, just may not be opening weekend

So here is the first look trailer at Logan, due in theaters March 2017

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