Rewatch: Ghostbusters (2016)


So I watched Ghostbusters (2016), I had to. When this film hit theaters, I was such a fanboy. How could I not be. It was Ghostbusters!!!!!! I watched it in theaters, at the time I loved it. I did not care what anyone had to say about it. However, I heard the comments, read the reviews. So now the Bluray has been released and I decided I needed to watch this movie again now that the hype died down.

Here are my thoughts


  • The cast was good, they played their roles perfectly
  • Nostalgic throw backs to the original franchise
  • Chris Hemsworth was amazing
  • The flow of the film made sense it was not all over the place


  • This film lacked originality. It was basically paint by numbers to the original film straight down to having to cross the streams to close the portal.
  • Special effects. I felt the ghosts felt cheap like a scooby doo film


At the end of the day, was this the best film, absolutely not. Could it have been better, yea 100%. However, this was a fun film that was fun to watch. I love that this franchise was relaunched for a new generation. This film is worthy to sit on my shelf next to the original 2 films and I am sad that we will not get a sequel.

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