Justice League Wraps Filming in the U.K.


Director Zack Snyder has tweeted out that Justice League has wrapped filming in the UK. In his tweet he include a bit of a behind the scenes sizzle reel to go along with the announcement.

Following the harsh critical reviews of DCEU films Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, Snyder looks to change the tone of the DCEU with Justice League. Now with DC Comics own Geoff Johns overseeing many aspects of the DCEU, I can only hope that change is coming.

We are still a year away from the release of Justice League on November 17, 2017 however I am excited for this film as I did not have issues with Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad and quite enjoyed them.

In Other News….

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced that the Suicide Squad Extended Cut will be available for Digital HD Download on November 15 and can be purchased on Blu-ray on December 13. After seeing many of The Jokers scenes from the trailer cut from the final release, we can only hope those scenes and many other return in the extended cut


Marvel has also announced that Avengers: Infinity War will be released on May 8, 2018 with the follow up to be released in 2019. Recently it was stated that it will no longer be a part 1 and part 2 event but rather two separate movies with one cohesive story line.

As I am more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan I highly recommend that you follow my friend Tessa’s blog over at Mama Smiths She is an amazing source for all things Marvel, Disney and even does some fun Loot Crate unboxings. Also she will be at New York Comic Con this weekend so be sure to check out her coverage from that

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