Transformation Tuesday – I Made a Huge Decision

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That is me. I know it may be hard to see from this photo but i am a BIG dude. Over 400 pounds big. (By the way it took me a lot just to write that). I have always been a big guy. However at some point, and i do not remember when, I gave up. I stopped caring about myself and my health because frankly I felt like I didn’t matter.

Lately, I have been realizing that in fact I do matter, and I matter to a lot of people. Most importantly I matter to myself. I have a wife who depends on me, and she is someone I want to nag and annoy for years to come. I have a brother, a sister-in-law and parents who all worry about me. We fight about this every time we get together and for years I have been in denial. I would tell them I have it under control, there is nothing to worry about etc. Well there is something to worry about. Despite the fact that currently all my lab tests from the doctor come back normal, not even elevate, the scary truth is that I am a ticking time bomb.

To get healthy and lose the weight is going to be a very long hard process. One that seems impossible to be honest. I need a jump start. I need to see that I am capable of being a smaller guy.

I have decided that in order to save my life and be around for my family I am going to talk to my doctor about bariatric surgery. I am aware that this is going to mean significant life changes and I fully intend to continue my work outs. The only difference now is that I will have a team helping me. Right now with family all i have are people who care about me, worry about me, and tell me how they think I should change. Yet none of them seem to want to help me. So, now I will build my own team of doctors and specialists and I will get healthy for my family but most importantly for me.

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  1. Major step that’s for sure. It’s going to help that you’ve already started working out, which means the docs will know you’re serious about losing weight; that’s always a criteria. I wish you the best; it’s a tough decision to make.


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