Some Additional Thoughts On THAT Scene In Batman: The Killing Joke


In my video review of Batman: The Killing Joke, I talked about how unnecessary THAT scene was. And for those who do not know by now, THAT scene is when Batman tells Batgirl she is off a case because she is too emotionally attached, which makes sense, and she flips out they start to fight as would make sense as well and then they have sex….on a roof top…..with a creepy gargoyle statue watching them….


Now this scene is useless for a lot of reasons. The biggest is that it degraded Batgirl/Barbara Gordon to a sex symbol instead of the strong willed ass kicker that she really is. One of the issues I brought up was the fact that in the world of Batman, she has been portrayed to be the same as Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Robin 1) and have been paired romantically as well. Furthermore, Batman/Bruce Wayne has been a second father figure to her. SO with all that said…..gross….

But then I got to thinking about the cannoned history for Batman and it dawned on me, The Killing Joke was never been apart of cannon for Batman, The Joker, Batgirl or DC Comics in general. It has always been a one off stand alone story. Which is why we never find out if Batman killed The Joker in the end. However it is also why Batgirl can have sex with Batman and it be ok. In this story we never know her age or anything like that. So why can it not be plausible that she is an equal to to him and just wants to do it with him?

Look, I still say the scene was unnecessary. And the subsequent fall out made Batgirl look like a stereotypical emotional teenager which completely trivialized the entire character. However, the same scene could have been done better where it would be completely acceptable for that singular story.

Batman: The Killing Joke is available now on iTunes and will be released on DVD + Blu-Ray on August 2nd.


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  1. Yeah, this was definitely the scene that bothered me the most (though there were several). Still need to give this another watch to try and fully understand it. Would you be interested in sharing your posts on I think a lot of our fans would commiserate with what you have to say!


  2. …Except that DC has been treating KJ as canonnical for MANY years now! Barbara was crippled and took the “Oracle” role for years, illustrating that even the disabled can still be “super”. Then Nu52 happened and she magically recovered lol.


    1. In #49 Batgirl is trying to defeat a villain named Fugue, who has attempted (and succeeded) to mess with Bab’s mind and insert fake memories. After Frankie helps set things right, the two enter into a chase through Barbara’s mind. It is here that we start to see some of the nightmares and alternate memories that Fugue has planted, and one of those features Brian Boland’s iconic Joker with the text “Smile” and another picture on the right with the gun that shot her. It is implied that this is a false memory, but is never actually confirmed as such.


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