DC Comics Cinematic Universe Comes Alive At #SDCC

HOLY TRAILERS BATMAN!!!! DC Comics FINALLY stole the show at San Diego Comic Con. For the last few years the highlights of Hall H have been dominated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe but all that changed this year as DC showed off new trailers for Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Justice League.


The Suicide Squad trailer, which I believe to be a Comic Con only trailer, definitely shows off some more unseen footage and starts to tell the story a bit more.

Some take away points – Still not sure of The Jokers role in all this, it seems as The Squad did not complete their mission. Not 100% sure who or what the big bad is however I feel like Enchantress is involved in that. Viola Davis was the perfect casting for Amanda Waller. With the exception of the booty shorts, and the one scene where she is changing the movie does not seem to be focusing on Harley Quinn sexuality which is awesome because the character is so much more than eye candy. They have actually portrayed her perfectly in the trailers as a batshit crazy badass. Despite internet rumblings, I think Will Smith will play an excellent Floyd Lawton/Deadshot and I hope the rumors of him being in Ben Affleck stand alone Batman film are true.


And then we have the Justice League trailer. On the heels of Batman vs Superman, a lot of fans, my self included, were really nervous about this film because of how dark and scattered BvS was. While Justice League does still seem to be going with that dark brooding look, I think overall this looks 10 times better already than BvS. But you be the judge.

In this Justice League trailer we see a lot of interesting things. The introduction of Arthur Curry, ripped right out of the Throne of Atlantis Story line. Cyborg looks to be spot on in design. But what stands out to me is the interaction between Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen. Despite the success of The Flash on The CW, the role was recasted for this film. I love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, and the trailer gave us our first real look at Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash. They definitely brought the humor aspect that we have come to expect from Barry Allen. Except the speed force lightning when he slows down time was not needed and Ezra Miller just doesn’t feel right in the role. The biggest thing that bothered me was the costume. The Flash costume should obviously look as aerodynamic as possible, which it does on The CW. However in this movie it just doesn’t. It looks to tech like. Obviously this is just a teaser trailer and a lot more will obviously be released. I hope Ezra Miller pulls it off. I think Warner Bros and DC dropped the ball by not having Grant Gustin in the movie and connecting their TV Universe with the Cinematic Universe.


Now the trailer that stole the weekend for me, hands down Wonder Woman. I have NEVER been a fan of the Wonder Woman character. From Linda Carter to the Justice League cartoons. She was always just a female Superman and I cannot stand Superman. However, with that said, this trailer has me excited for the Wonder Woman movie. Maybe it is just Gal Gadot I am excited for or maybe it is the fact that Wonder Woman looks super badass in this trailer. Either way, I am excited.

The fight scenes in this film look amazing. The chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot looks to be on point. The “Lasso of Truth” looks to be stupid as expected, seriously what a dumb weapon. All in all Wonder Woman looks to be a bad ass film.

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