DC and Warner Bros. Announce New Animated Films at #SDCC


DC Comics and Warner Bros Animation Group are known for making amazing animated films. Dc Animated Cinematic Universe has far surpassed its live action universe and the animated universe of Marvel. This week at San Diego Comic Con during the panel for Batman: The Killing Joke, 3 new stories were confirmed for animated adaptation.

One of this being a brand new original story surrounding fan favorite Harley Quinn and the cape crusader Batman. The details of this story are tightly under wraps however what is known is that Batman The Animated Series creator Bruce Trimm is the man behind this story so there is no need for concern. Lets just up they bring back the original voice teams!


Next we have another intriguing story and that is Justice League Dark. For those who do not know, Justice League Dark teams together The Hellblazer John Constantine, Zatana, Madam Xanadua, Raven, and Deadman.  Which exact story line will be adapted is still unknown. However this will be the first appearance for John Constantine in the Animate Universe and lets hope not the last.


Finally, coming off the heels of Justice League vs Teen Titans, the Teen Titans story The Judas Contract will be adapted into an animated film. “The Judas Contract” debuted in 1984 in the pages of New Teen Titans, when the Titans’ comic book popularity was at its height. And with the team of Raven, Starfire, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy and Robin now fully engrossed in the animated universe, this should certainly be a good one.

Which DC stories do you want to see as an animated film? Leave a comment below

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