Transformation Tuesday: Changing The Way I Think


Transformation Tuesday has been a thing on social media for quite sometime. Mostly it is people posting before and after photos of themselves as they get fit and healthy. Its a way to show off the weight they have lost and how they have transformed their body. Well, I am not quite there yet to show that off. Honestly, I am quite a ways away from from. But if you you are curious, here is me now

File_001 (1)

This post is not going to be one of those “Here is my current weight now hold me accountable” posts either. The truth is none of you can hold me accountable but myself. This journey that I am on is for no one other than myself. My Transformation Tuesday is not about body image and how I look or the number on the scale, not yet at least. Todays Transformation Tuesday is about changing the way I think. You see, I used to beat myself up when I would step on a scale and barely notice a change. This time around I am not using the scale more than once a month. This time I am focusing on how I feel, changes to my body that both I and my wife notice. When I approach my journey in that fashion I succeed because I feel better about myself. When a 3XL t-shirts begins to fit again, when my jeans are getting too big, or when I am no longer winded carrying laundry up 3 flights of stairs; these are all things that are easily measurable and get better over time. The scale is a number, one that I need to watch but not obsess over. These other goals and achievements are very noticeable and very real.

File_000 (3)

In the above scene from Ghostbusters 2, Louis Tully says these three simple phrases. These have become my battle cry of sorts;

Stay Fit – reminds me to keep going, do not miss a day in the gym

Keep Sharp – I have a tendency to get lazy and not be active, keeping sharp means that I stay focused on the goal, on the endgame and keep that in sight at all times

Make Good Decisions – Lets face it there is shit food everywhere you turn. Birthday in the office? here is cake. Monday morning meeting? how about some donuts. Late afternoon pick me up? here have a sugary drink. Making good decisions is avoiding the daily temptation of eating like shit. But beyond that, it is knowing when i can let myself  have a little something so not to deprive myself all together. It is also knowing that 11pm is a better bed time that 2 am when I want to goto the gym in the morning. And it is knowing that coming home at 830pm and having a full meal is NEVER a good idea

My journey is going to be a very long one. I did not get to the condition I am in over night. It has been years of very poor decisions and lack of physical activity. But I feel that if I stay focused on this mentality then success is not far away.


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