Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Nightwing Statue


It is no secret that I am a huge Batman fan. However what may not be so widely known that other than Batman himself, Nightwing is my favorite member of the Bat Family and Batman Inc. The evolution of Dick Grayson from Circus performer to orphan to Robin to Nightwin to Batman then back to Nightwing then to a secret agent and now FINALLY back to Nightrwing again is some of the best story telling DC Comics has ever done.


I am an avid collector of of Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Statues as I have man including Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Green Lantern, and Auquaman. Well those are just my stand alone ones there are others but i keep them as a group and until now that group was incomplete.


Yesterday, I picked up the final piece to that group….Nightwing!!! Check him out – File_000 (2)File_001 (1)File_001File_003 (1)File_002 (1)File_004 (1)File_007 (1)File_006 (1)File_008 (1)

With the addition of Nightwing I have now completed my Bat Family Collection which consists of (from L to R) Batman, Robin IV (Damien Wayne), Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Red Robin (Tim Drake)

File_000 (3)

What are you a collector of?


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