Salt City Collect-a-Con 2016

Photo credit: Salt City Collect-a-Con

Salt City Collect-a-Con was held on Sunday May 15, 2016. The event returned to the F Shed of the Regional Market in Syracuse, NY for the second year in a row. This family friendly event is aimed at bringing people together to celebrate comics, toys, collectables and just have some good fun. The event was attended by over 2,000 people.

This years event, like past years was very vendor centric with no discussion panels on any topic. However different this year was the diversity of vendors. The past two years saw a lot of toy and video game vendors, as well as hand made stuff. Made the event almost feel like a flea market. This year, however, featured a ton of comic artists and had some pretty awesome celebrity guests. I guess it is part of the growing process but this year finally felt more like a comic con and less like a toy show.

Photo Credit: Salt City Collect-a-Con

New this year was also the involvement of Dan Tortora from the podcast Larger Than Life with Dan Tortora, Not only was Dan a great MC for the event, he sat down with Gerado Sandoval, Larry Hama and Mark Dodson for a live interview and Q&A sessions

On of the big focuses this year was Cosplay. Kids and adults a like all came out dressed in their best costumes. Local Cosplay group Syracuse Cosplayers was in attendance and set up a cosplay repair both for anyone needing any assistance with their costume  The big character this year for cosplay seemed to be both Harley Quinn and Deadpool.

Local Ghostbusters franchise -Ghostbusters of Upstate NY, were on hand to make sure that the event was free of any spook, specter or ghosts. While their ghost busting services were not needed, they were also there to raise money for Upstate Galisano Children’s Hospital by raffling off two awesome prize packs. One was geared towards the original Ghostbusters film while the second was geared towards the up coming reboot film.

While the turn out and diversity of the event was good, show organizers were forced to cancel some aspects due to weather. This is obviously not the fault of the organizers, however some of the cancelled activities were heavily advertised for kids which is a bummer because their were a lot of kids in attendance.

Overall this was an amazing event and with talking to one of the organizers, they plan on next years being even bigger and possibly spread out over two days. It is great to see these kinds of events happening in Syracuse. This event is in its third year, and has grown leaps and bounds. It has been fun to watch it grow over the years.

Some vendors in attendance to check out:

Professionally Unprofessional Nerdcrafters

The Art of Matt Flint

Artist Victoria Yeldon

Shock It Atrz

Syracuse Nerd

Cosplayers from Parlour City Mind Forge

Gizmos Videogames and Wrestling LLC

Cosplayers from the 501st Legion


Photo Credits (not already listed)

Feature image courtesy of Salt City Collect-a-Con

All other images are property of Urban Geek CNY

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