Goodbye Facebook


For over a year now, I have been running a Facebook page associated with this website. 230 people have “Liked” it which is awesome. I appreciate every single one of them who has taken the time to click that magical little button. On this page, I thought I could use it to house the blog, and supplement it with additional content. Instead however, it became nothing short of a page full of links. There are already too many Nerd pages in Syracuse that just post links and events. I wanted and needed to be so much more. I wanted Urban Geek CNY to be a brand, to be THE BRAND one thinks of when they think about geek lifestyle. it did not become that. Instead something else happen.

While trying to build a brand, I instead built a persona. I became the Urban Geek. That is so much better than being a brand. When you are a brand people do not give a fuck about the person (or people) behind it, they only care about the brand. I want to engage people, start conversations, be a person that people know they can turn to for information. I have become that. When I talk about stopping all of this because I do not know what I want to do with the brand, people tell me to not stop posting. Not because they care about the brand but because they care about the person behind the brand the persona I have built.

It is because of this I make the following announcement – I will be deleting the Urban Geek CNY Facebook page. I do invite all followers to send me a friend request to my personal page here. Urban Geek CNY is not a brand, it is a person and I am that person. I am Ben Ingber and I am the Urban Geek.

As of this posting on 4/12 I have set the Urban Geek CNY Facebook Page to delete in 14 days.

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