New Comics for March 23, 2016


Here are the new comics coming out this Wednesday 3/16/2016. As always thank you to our friends at Play the Game, Read the Story for providing this list. Be sure to check out there locations in side Destiny USA, as well as their main store North Clinton St next to The Spaghetti Warehouse. They offer many table top gaming events as well as a FREE comic book subscription plan. Remember to always support your local comic book shop and #GeekLocal


all new all different avengers #7
all new all different avengers #7 variant
all new hawkeye #5
all new hawkeye #5 variant
angela queen of hel #6
angry birds super angry birds tp
art ops #6
assassins creed templars #1
badger #2
badger #2 variant
batman #50
batman and robin eternal #25
batman animated series batman bust bank
batman arkham knight genesis hc
batman black & white hc vol 1 book & dvd blu ray set
batman dkr dark knight highwire px vinyl decal
batman year one hc book & dvd blu ray set
bill & ted go to hell #2
birthright #15
bloodshot reborn annual 2016 #1
btvs season 10 #25
carnage #6
carnage #6 variant
charismagic tp vol 01 vanishing
circuit breaker #1
civil war heroes for hire thundebolts tp
civil war marvel universe tp new ptg
civil war young avengers and runaways tp new ptg
classic illustrated tp invisible man
classic illustrated tp macbeth
classic illustrated tp robinson crusoe
classic illustrated tp treasure island
comic shop news #1501
contest of champions #6
contest of champions #6 variant
cry havoc #3
cyborg #9
cyborg tp vol 01 unplugged
danger girl renegade tp
dark knight iii master race #3
death of superman hc dvd & blu ray set
deathstroke #16
delete #1
dexter down under tp
doctor fate tp vol 01 the blood price
doctor who 10th year two #7
doctor who 4th #1
doctor who 4th #1 variant
doctor who comp hist hc vol 09 5th doctor stories 130-132
dont break the ice disney frozen ed game
dr mirage second lives #4
dream police #8
elfquest final quest #14
evil dead 2 #1 revenge of hitler
evil dead 2 cradle of the damned #2
evil dead 2 cradle of the damned #2 variant
game trade magazine #194
gft hellchild #1
gft robyn hood ongoing #20
gi joe deviations (one shot)
gingerdead man #2
god is dead #48
grayson #18
guardians of galaxy tp vol 05 through looking glass
gutter magic #3
harley quinn #26
harley quinn #26 variant
hellboy & bprd 1953 beyond the fences #2
howling commandos of shield #6
hyperion #1
hyperion #1 variants
illuminati #5
illustration magazine #51
independence day #1
infinity entity #3
infinity watch tp vol 01
insexts #4
invader zim #8
jacked #5
jla earth 2 hc book & dvd blu ray set
justice league 3001 #10
justice league vol 1 hc origin book & dvd blu ray set
klaus #4
kolchak phoenix rising
last gang in town #4
locke & key master ed hc vol 02
marvel universe guardians of galaxy #6
mighty morphin power rangers light up ring & illus book kit
mirror #2
naruto 3in1 tp vol 14
new avengers #8
nowhere men #9
obi-wan and anakin #3
outcast by kirkman & azaceta #17
patsy walker aka hellcat #4
pencil head #3
pop battlestar galactica cylon centurion vinyl fig
pop battlestar galactica six vinyl fig
pop captain america 3 black panther vinyl fig
pop captain america 3 captain america vinyl fig
pop dc heroes swamp thing flocked px vinyl fig
pop godzilla godzilla 6in vinyl fig
pop harry potter draco malfoy vinyl fig
pop harry potter dumbledore wand vinyl fig
pop harry potter harry triwizard vinyl fig
pop harry potter hermione yule ball vinyl fig
pop harry potter ron yule ball vinyl fig
pop harry potter sirius black vinyl fig
pop heroes harley quinn px vinyl fig glow in dark ver
pop heroes superman px vinyl fig new 52 ver
pop marvel deadpool px vinyl fig maskless grey ver
pop sesame street snuffleupagus 6in vinyl fig
predator life and death #1
public relations #6
punisher max tp complete collection vol 02
ringside #5
robin son of batman hc vol 01 year of blood
rocket raccoon tp vol 02 storytailer
rocketeer at war #2
rust tp vol 00 the boy soldier
secret six #12
shadow glass #1
snowfall #2
sonic the hedgehog #279
spire #7
star trek green lantern tp spectrum war
star wars #17
star wars #17 variants
star wars insider mag #164
star wars legends epic collection tp vol 02 new republic
starfire tp vol 01 welcome home
stray bullets sunshine & roses #13
suicide squad most wanted deadshot katana #3
superman & the justice league of america tp vol 01
superman atomic age sundays hc vol 02 1953-1956
superman lois and clark #6
superzero #4
teen titans #18
tmnt ongoing #56
tmnt ongoing #56 variant
tokyo ghoul gn vol 06
tomb raider 2016 #2
totally awesome hulk #4
totally awesome hulk #4 variant
ultimates #5
uncanny x-men #5
venom space knight #5
venus #4
walking dead bust bank negan
walking dead magazine #16 px ed
we are robin #10
witchfinder general #3
wonder woman #50
wonder woman gods & mortal hc book & dvd blu ray set
wonder woman war of the gods tp
wraithborn #2
wraithborn #2 variant
x-men worst x-man ever #2
x-o manowar #45
yu gi oh 5ds gn vol 09

Don forget Free Comic Book Day is only 7 weeks away!!!!


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