No Origin Story for The Flash or Aquaman


We are 2 weeks away from the highly anticipated release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. 2 things to be rumored for the film are the introduction of Aquaman and The Flash to the DC Cinematic Universe. One thing we know for sure is that both characters will obviously be heavily featured in the up coming Justice League movie, which will begin shooting in April and is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Following the first installment of a 2 part Justice League movie, both The Flash and Aquaman will be receiving stand alone films, however according to producers neither of these films will be origin stories and will pick up where Justice League left off.Here is what IGN has to say

Ok so what does this all mean? Simply put, DC is creating one continuous story arc starting with Batman v Superman. Now we know that Wonder Woman will in fact be an origin story, so it is safe to say that it will not be apart of the arc. DC also plans on doing stand alone films for Justice League members Cyborg and Green Lantern, no word yet on whether or not those are origin stories or not.

Here is my take – with the success of The Flash television series on The CW, and despite a change in actors for the feature films, I feel an origin story is not necessary. We already now how Barry Allan becomes the scarlet speedster so this is the right choice for the film. Regarding Aquaman, I am disappointed that we will not get Arthur Curry’s origin story as it is one of the most interesting in the DC Universe. However, not every superhero needs an origin story film. I am confident that these characters origins will somehow be woven into the films. However, if the screenwriters just went ahead an did an Aquaman film based off of the Throne of Atlantis story arc with no origin background, I would be ok with that!

What are your thoughts on these characters not getting origin story films? Are you excited for the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe? Which characters are you most looking forward to getting the big screen treatment? How do you feel about a different actor playing The Flash in the movies vs television? 

Leave your comments below and remember to always #GeekLocal

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