The R-Rated Superhero Movie

Deadpool is finally out. This is NOT a review. However, it is a look at where we were and where we may be headed with superhero movies.


Deadpool was rated R and when it was announced it was met with a lot of satisfaction from fans. However it was not the first superhero movie to get an R rating. Many seemly forget that Blade is Marvel property and also had an R rating in 1998. In 2005 DC and Warner Bros. released Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. So to say that Deadpool is the first superhero movie to receive a R rating is a lie.


Ok, lets be honest for a second, Blade and Constantine are not exactly Superheros. Then again neither is Deadpool. However, they all have super power and are comic book based characters, so I will keep going. The entire Blade franchise was rated R with the last coming out in 2004. We also got movies such as Watchmen, Kick-Ass, Sin City – all comic book films, all with R rating.


So why is it such a big deal that Deadpool was rated R? Deadpool has become a beloved character. He has been featured in Saturday morning cartoons along side X-Men and Spiderman. The big deal is that children has grown to know Deadpool outside of the comics and as a form of comedy relief. So when it was revealed that the movie would be raterd R people lost their mind. Still people are bringing their children to the film without regard to the rating and then getting all butt hurt because it is too mature for their 9 year old


Critics and comic book fans a like have nothing but praise for Deadpool and its respect for the source material. But do comic book movies need to be R rated to be done correctly? Does Batman have to be Rated R to portray its darkness? Should Captain America turn to Iron Man and just finally say “Hey Tony, Fuck you asshole”? Ok maybe I would love to see Cap go off on Iron Man but ultimately the answer is No. Should Superhero films avoid going for the R rating just to appeal to children? That is a double edged sword to say the least. From a marketing stand point the answer is yes because you want to sell merchandise to children and you cannot do that if they do not go see the film. From a fan standpoint it is somewhat complicated in my opinion.


I am not a fan of R rated comic book movies nor am I against them. The truth is, sometimes it is necessary. Should Warner Bros and DC make a R Rated Batman movie for the sake of adding language or violence, NO! Should Marvel make a R Rated Avengers, the mouse would never allow it. The R rated comic book film has its place, but that does not mean we need to go creating R rated movies for the sake of making them more mature. As long as they true to their source material they will get the rating they deserve. The truth is Deadpool did just that. It stayed true to its source and had a better opening weekend than most other comic book films in recent years


Have you seen Deadpool? Did you like it? Do you feel it should have been redone to a PG-13 rating to appeal to more people?

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