Justice League vs Teen Titans


For years now, the internet has been begging Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and DC Comics to bring back the show Young Justice. Young Justice saw side kicks such as Robin/Nightwing/Red Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Artemis, Superboy, Miss Martian form a team of their own and come out of the shadows of the Justice League. This was a television version of Teen Titans, well sort of as the Titans had there own show which was morphed into the worse superhero cartoon of all time – Teen Titans! GO.

DC Comics has a vast Animate Universe and finally the Teen Titans are being introduced. This upcoming film will see an established team featuring new comers to the DC Animated Universe including – Starfire, Rave, Beastboy and Blue Beatle. Missing from the Titans team will be Nightwing as he has graduated to the Justice League.

Having difficulty controlling him on his own Bruce Wayne/Batman has decided it may be in the best interest for his son Damien Wayne/Robin to join the Teen Titans. This should go fun, considering Damien has show in Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin he would rather be on his own than part of a team. However when Demons attack and posses the Justice League it is up to the Teen Titans to save the day.

This film looks to be a great addition to the growing DC Animated Universe. Check out the trailer below

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