Social Content is King


It is 2016 and brands still post “billboards” on social media. This to me is absolutely mind boggling. I understand the need for a static marketing such magazine ads and actual billboards. What I do not get is these type of ads on social networking. I think brands that does this are missing the biggest key aspect – SOCIAL

Do not get me wrong there is HUGE ROI in Facebook dark posts, Instagram and Twitter Ads and even direct marketing. However, engaging your customer will be key to success. 2016 is going to be the year where SOCIAL brands blow up. Brands that interact with their consumer and provide them with content as well as product are going to be the winners. We see this type of interaction on twitter. Companies like Wegmans is probably the best in Central NY with social interaction. I can literally tweet @wegmans ask if a certain store has an item. Not only will I get a reply of yes or no but most likely it will include an aisle number as well. This to me, makes them stand out amongst all other grocery stores. They can simply just tweet out deals and recipes all day and that would probably be acceptable. But instead they go beyond that and become personable and engage with their consumer base.

The type of content that I am talking about however goes beyond just telling me what aisle cookies are in. I want brands and companies to interact with me beyond what they are selling. Example – I buy Mets t-shirts from a brand called The7Line. All they sell are t-shirts. They post photos of their t-shirts all the time. However this brand goes way beyond just their core product of t-shirts. They interact with fans all the time about Mets news, and Baseball in general. They organize outings to Mets games both at home and away.


The biggest platform right now for this type of social marketing is Snapchat. Snapchat allows users to interact individually and as a group. I want to see what the day to day behind the seasons nonsense is all about and Snapchat allows that. The use of stories allows me the user to share with followers whats going on over a 24 hour period. If I am a clothing brand, I can and should be snapping stories about meetings with graphic designers, choosing fabrics, branding, lunch, my walk from the subway etc.With the addition of Discover page on Snapchat, it is clear that brands are seeing the value and ROI of Snapchat.


The more human brands become, the more engaged their consumers will be.


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