2015: Year In Review


2015 has been an amazing year, full of amazing opportunities and experiences. Its been a weird year of growth here on the blog. Our voice has changed a few times but we are starting to come into our own here. I think we have finally hit a careful balance between comics, technology and life observation in an effort to bring diverse and unique content.

In January of 2015, I was featured on the first podcast for Venturetechnica and returned again as a recurring guest on Matt’s Modern World podcast. These were amazing experiences that has only created more opportunity for me, and I hope to do more podcasting in the future

In the early summer months of June and July I had three articles published in Syracuse New Times. A round up of WWDC 2015, a look at Windows 10, and a look at the best apps for your smartphone

There have also been some amazing Cons in 2015

Salt City Collect-a-ConTwin Tiers Comic ConRetroGame Con

We definitely had some major bumps in the road, issues with other groups on Facebook and other petty bullshit that we have moved past from.

The future is bright for Urban Geek CNY. We will continue to bring original content as often as possible. We have revamped our Facebook Page and will no longer just be curating links, we will leave that for the other as we feel that is a waste of your time and ours. We want to bring you original thought provoking content to great dialog within the geek and nerd communities. We aren’t here to compete for who is the best we are just here to share our part of the space.

Thank you all for a great 2015 and here is to an amazing 2016!!!!

Check out pictures from all the cons this past year below

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