Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham

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Last nigh the internet freaked out AGAIN over a movie trailer. This time it was the second trailer for the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Watch here.

So first off I still hate Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, however I am holding out full judgement until I see the full release. The trailer opens with Clark Kent meeting Bruce Wayne for the first time, however we learn that both Batman and Superman are established in their respective cities. Superman is welcomed by the people of Metropolis while Batman  is still viewed as a vigilante. Each one take shots at the others alter ego was wonderful but for me, it all comes together when Bruce Wayne says “Maybe it is the Gotham in me, we have a bad history of freaks dressed as clowns”. A few things of note here: 1) Batman is still considered a feared vigilante yet it was appear as Gotham has already had its run in with Joker. 2) They cut to the Jason Todd Robin customer during this line, so should Gotham have accepted Batman at this point?

The last 30 seconds of this clip was worth showing again. We finally see what brings The Trinity together. Lex Luthor creates Doomsday!!!!! Wonder Women protects Bats and Sups and there is some comedy between between the Man of Steel and the Dark knight. Then it appears as though she is leading into battle with Doomsday.


DC Comics and Warner Bros. has a very large hill to climb if they ever want to catch up to Marvel. However I think the timing is right for them to do it. We are about to get our third Captain America and third Avengers (in two parts). DC has a fresh new characters making big screen debuts in the coming years with Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, a new Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg, as well as 2 Justice League movies. While I do not think, base merely on track record, that DC will ever catch up with Marvel, I do believe their timing is right to make an attempt with some new characters and stories


Jury is still out on Ben Affleck, and his Batman voice which we finally here and still better than Christian Bales. However, this trailer has me pumped and excited for March.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited for the movie? Are you rooting for Batman or Superman? Are you excited for Wonder Women to make her big screen debut? Do you think DC movies wll ever catch up to Marvel?       Tell us below

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  1. The trailer definitely does a good job getting me excited for the movie. Initial thoughts: I also don’t like Jesse Eisenberg based on this, Lex Luthor is a supremely confident personality. That does not come across at all here. This played more as snivelling little weasel, which Lex Luthor isn’t, at all. Having Batman involved helps with my overall dislike of the darkness of the last Superman, Batman and Gotham City are always dark and gritty so just having him involved makes it fee more natural. Wonder Woman is still very meh to me so far. I really hope they spend some time developing her as a character and not just “hot amazon ass kicker.” I also hope that they spend most of the movie developing the conflict between Batman and Superman rather than focusing on the kick doomsdays ass, team up. If they go from conflict to buddy action film too quickly it will ruin it for me.


    1. I agree with you on all points. I don’t think we will see any Wonder Woman character development until her solo film in 2017. For me the one thing that might ruin it is Eisenberg as Luthor


      1. Agreed. Luthor is really the key to things. To bring in a wrestling analogy he needs to be the voice for the monster heel in Doomsday. If you don’t buy him as an evil genius with the correct motivations to create doomsday it weakens doomsday as a character.

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