Captain America: Civil War Trailer


First off, if you have not seen it, here it is the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War


Ok, great, timgres.jpghere it is. So what? People are absolutely losing their minds over this trailer. To me, it looks cheesy. Every Marvel movie looks cheesy. I do not get the hype. Do not get me wrong they are well made with half way decent story lines but I just cannot get behind them. Before you accuse me of just being a jealous and jaded DC Comics fan, I should tell you I love Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix.

So what is the difference? 100% style. When you watch Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Arrow, Batman, Man of Steel they are dark, and gritty. Versus Marvel movies which for the most part are bright and vibrant (think first Michael Keaton Batman vs Batman and Robin)

For me, superhero films should be dark and gritty. There are of course exceptions to this rule, such as The Flash. And I do not dislike ALL Marvel movies. The Thor films have been perfection for me. I am just having a hard time getting behind Marvel films, but would love to see them make more Netflix series.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May, 2016

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you a DC or Marvel fan? Which superhero movies in 2016 are you most excited for?

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  1. I don’t buy a ton of comics anymore so it’s tough to say whether I’m a DC or Marvel guy. The last time I had a regular order it was probably 50% Marvel, 40%DC and 10% Indy. That being said I think the movies aesthetic should reflect the tone of the comic. Superman being dark actually bugs the crap out of me. Superman has always been the shining emblem of Truth Justice and the American way, so grim and gritty doesn’t fit for me. Batman being dark and gritty is perfect. The new wonder woman costume bugs me for the same reason, granted my appreciation for wonder woman began with the Linda Carter TV show and the Superfriends cartoon so my sense of her look is rooted in those costumes. From what i’m seeing in the Batman vs Superman trailers I don’t like her look one bit.


    1. The Wonder Woman Costume in the Batman vs Superman film is based largely off of the New 52 redesign. There have been so many failed attempts at wonder woman on TV and film that I am holding off judgement until I see the final product. While I agree Superman used to be the shinning emblem of Truth Justice and the American way, The many adaptations of Sups on TV and Film displayed that. However when DC rebooted in the New 52, everyone became darker, grittier and less shiny to say. So I think Man of Steel did a good job in displaying the direction DC has taken its characters


      1. Makes sense, having never read the new 52 stuff i’m stuck in my own place in time. It’s the same reason I don’t like the Harley Quinn look in Suicide Squad. I owned every issue of her first solo comic run and loved it, that is how I want her to look.


      2. I am not a fan either of the look they gave Harley Quinn in suicide squad. I would have preferred they went more with the look from the Arkham video game series


  2. This thing about liking things dark must be a young people thing. In my day, comics weren’t all that dark. You had your storylines that took on some deep topics but dark and gritty… if they’d been around when I was a kid I’d have never read any of them, let alone watched the movies. Probably why I refuse to watch the last Batman movie.

    As for this upcoming movie… I’m thinking it doesn’t get much darker than this. I mean, we have heroes that have been friends going against each other. Hard to be dark when you’re outside during the day… unless one shoots the movie in Syracuse. lol


  3. I am a HUGE Marvel fan so I am thrilled about this. But I like DC too (Catwoman and Batman specifically – the COMICS, not the Catwoman movies. Yikes). I am a comic nerd, geek, whatever you want to call it. I think the Marvel movies are very well done (which you said too, just agreeing), but I don’t find them cheesy. Perhaps it is my love for the characters. I will say I shake my head or groan when they do something off the wall different than the comics. I am looking forward to Civil War because it is a story line that I have loved for quite some time and have been on edge waiting to see it on the big screen. Will they end it in the BIG way they could if they stick to the comics, I sure hope so.

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