Arrow vs Batman


Due to a lot of legal things and box office greed, Warner Bros will not allow Batman to be apart of the Arrowverse. So, to counter that, the Arrowverse has basically become the Batman Universe on its own

  • Green Arrow = Batman
  • Oliver Queen = Bruce Wayne (Billionaire playboys, head of a major corporation with a shady tech side, Oliver even had both of his parents die)
  • Speedy = Robin #4 (both Thea and Damien Wayne were trained by League of Assassins and need to be reminded constantly Justice not Vengeance)
  • Diggle = Nightwing (while once loyal and trusting to their respective leaders, the relationship is very much strained and complicated)
  • Felicity Smoak = Barbara Gordon [as Oracle] (both are techie work from behind the seasons to help guide their teams through the streets)
  • Quentin Lance = Jim Gordon
  • Laurel Lance = Batgirl (more Cassandra Cain less Barbara Gordon
  • Curtis Holt = Lucius Fox

arrowlairTo further drive this home, Arrow has its own cave-like hideout and now their costumes hang in glass cabinets rebate by biometrics similar to the BatCave. The Arrowverse has all faced known Batman villains as their big bads in Deathstroke and Ra’s al Ghul. In Season 1, Oliver Queen even gets romantically involved with Helena Bertinelli who fulfills one of her comic book destinies as becomes the Huntress on the show, however little known fact – Helena Bertinelli has also taken up the BatGirl mantle

arrow-season-4-it-only-gets-darhker-from-here-694394In S4E1 we see Oliver Queen and Barry Allen standing at a grave stone. We still have no idea whose funeral they are attending. However with all the carrells to the Batman Universe, could Arrow be setting up for a Death in the Family type story line where we see the death of Thea?

What are your thoughts

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