YouTube announce YouTube Red


Media giant YouTube has announce its plans to launch a subscription based service in the US called YouTube Red. Red combines ad-free videos, new original series and movies from top YouTubers, and on-demand unlimited streaming music for $10 a month.

The target of this new campaign is YouTube users looking for an ad-free experience. This move is inline with Hulu, Spotify, Pandora who offer a premium ad-free version of their free service. Current subscribers to the $10-a-month Google Play Music service will also get access to Red.

This is a terrible move on YouTubes part from a UX stand point. Ads on Youtube last what? 30 sec to 1  min on a pre-roll? whats the big deal? I have never been on youtube and wished for an ad-free experience. Where is this money going? will it be funneled down to YouTube creators like Casey Neistat, John and Hank Green, Hannah Hart etc? or is it going to stay at a corporate level for YouTube or Google? If this money is not going to creators then whats the point? Creators make their money on YouTube (aside from product endorsements) by us watching ads. I just see this failing to generate any real revenue. Only beneficial “perks” is the ability to download and play a video offline. Bad move by YouTube and Google

This seems more like a money grabbing focus rather than a user focused move.

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  1. From what I have read it will be used to finance Youtube original projects. Like Netflix original series. The blog brothers posted a video about Hank doing a seriou thou it I believe. Have you heard anything more?


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