How Are We Viewing Life?


Recently, my brother got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so happy for him and my new sister. However I am concerned that no one experienced the ceremony the way I did. I am not talking about the personal experience each person has in a moment, I am talking in much more broader terms. As his best man, I was standing up in front right at my brothers side. As I looked out into the crowded, I did not see any faces. However I could tell you how many people had iPhones or Android. Everyone had their phone out, in front of their face. No one just stopped to experience two young people starting a new chapter in their life. It was viewed through a 5 inch piece of glass.

This is something we see all the time. Musicians are now begging concert goers to put the cellphone down. The Pope recently toured the US and we saw pictures of 10s of thousands of people lining streets all with their cellphone out. When did this become the norm? When did we stop experiencing life?


I am not saying people should not be able to capture a moment, a snap shot to look back on. What I am saying is, take the snap shot and get back into the moment.

Technology is a wonderful thing, except when it cause us to be in a physical place yet so disconnected from the moment. We are more concerned with what filter works best rather than sitting back to enjoy a moment.

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