Apple Once Again Pulls The Wool Over Our Eyes, and We Fall For It


So yesterday Apple had its annual fall dog and pony show to showcase their new fall product line. If you read the post on what to expect, It was pretty spot on. Mac OS X release date was not officially announced however was a hidden announcement when previewing features in the mail app of iOS 9. For those wondering, September 30 for Mac OS X “El Capitan” and next Wednesday, September 16 for iOS 9.

Apple showed off some very cool health care applications for both the Apple Watch and iPad Pro. Doctors can now monitor patients right from the Watch and provide 3D renderings of injuries and procedures right on the iPad Pro. They introduced 3D touch to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which is a redesign of force touch and provides extra menu shortcuts for apps and such. This is not a bad feature and it is a functional feature but nothing innovative or revolutionary.

And thats the thing. Apple was created an environment where they can come out and make “me too” look like “me first”. Apple introduces Apple Pencil for iPad Pro. What is Apple Pencil? It is nothing more than a $99 stylus. Thats right folks, they got thunderous applause for an over priced stylus. Which is interesting because Steve Jobs once said a stylus was a sign of total failure.

I am not happy with Apple. I want Apple to again reinvent the industry. Instead we get Tim Cook showing off fancy videos, overly rehearsed demos and using fancy terminology to make it appear as if they are creating something new, something special. They come out pull the wool over our eyes, distract us with shiny new products while taking all of our money.

They closed the show with the band One Republic. A line in their song “Take that money and watch burn” pretty much sums up everything Apple is doing.

In the end, I will stick with my iMac because i just do not like Windows 10, i love my iPad but I also love my Galaxy Tab and who knows what will happen to my iPhone when the time comes.

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