Apple Event: What to Expect


So Apple has an Event tomorrow. Makes sense. Apple’s fiscal year is just starting, believe it or not Christmas is around the corner so time for a the annual fall Apple Event. Here is what to expect from tomorrows dog and pony show.

iPhone 6s

– Believe it or not it has been a year since the iPhone 6 and “bendgate” According to insiders, Apple has built a re-enforced house to prevent such issues from happening again. The usual suspects will get upgraded – processor, camera iOS etc. Expect Force Touch to be a feature. Coming on the heels of Apple Watch and the integration of Force Touch into the track pads of the new MacBook, it is no surprise to me that this feature is coming to iPhone (and probably iPad)


– Speaking of iPad, look for the potential of iPad Pro FINALLY being announce. This has been a long rumored product and with Microsoft actually seeing success with the Surface on a business level It is no surprise that the iPad Pro will be a reality. Expect this device to have a 12.9 inch display and no less than 64GB out the gate. A keyboard and stylus will supposedly be sold separately. LTE models of both the iPad Pro and a new iPad Mini are also expected

Apple Watch

– Apple will surely announce some updates to Apple Watch. I expect there to be new bands as well as a gold anodized version of the Apple Watch Sport. Also watch for more news on WatchOS 2

Apple TV

– For me Apple TV has been the red headed bastard step child of Apple. It is highly useful severely underrated and often forgotten about. However Apple is finally tossing us a bone and bringing significant updates to this device. Including universal search, and support for Bluetooth gaming controllers. Along the lines of Apple TV, it is being rumored that Apple is also preparing original content as well. The price will be upped to $149 and will also include Siri and an App Store of some kind (personally I just want Amazon Prime Instant Video to be available)

Mac OS X

– Lasting is Mac OS X. While there will be no fireworks surrounding El Capitan do expect a final release date

What wont we see? An actual Apple Television set, Apples self-driving car.

Apple will be streaming their Event live on their website starting at 1pm EST/10am PST

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