Review: Twin Tiers Comic-Con


On Saturday August 15, I had the pleasure of attending Twin Tiers Comic-Con in Elmira, NY. This years event was held at the First Arena in Elmira, Home of the ECHL Hockey team Elmira Jackals. Here is some history on the event as provided by Twin Tiers Comic-Con website

The origins of Twin Tiers Comic-Con can be traced back to 2007 and the small art shows hosted by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop in Elmira, NY. These underground exhibitions showcased the talents of young, overlooked artists in the Upstate NY area, and gave them an audience to show and even sell their work.

These underground shows grew in popularity to the point that they spun into a full-fledged convention in 2011. The new comic con, dubbed Hero Bot Con (after the comic shop’s mascot, the Hero-Bot), took place in September of 2011 at the Elmira Elks Lodge. The event was showcased by professional comic artists including Khoi Pham, Aaron Kuder, and Ken Wheaton, as well as local author, Tedd Arnold.

Due to the success of the innaugural event, Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop teamed up with Page One Entertainment to bring forth a bigger and better show for the following year! In 2012, Hero Bot Con expanded in size at its new venue, the Chemung County FFC. Hero Bot Con 2012 was headlined by Top Cow creator and legendary artist, Marc Silvestri. Other special guest industry professionals included: Matt Hawkins, Roger Stern, Ron Marz, Jamal Igle, Steve Ellis, Mike Raicht, Charles Paul Wilson III, David Rodriguez, and returning guests, Aaron Kuder and Ken Wheaton.

Hero Bot Con 2013 took place at the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center in Horseheads, NY. The venue increased once more from the previous year, as more industry pros took center stage at our show. The event was headlined by returning guests Khoi Pham, Jamal Igle, Mike Raicht, Michael Garland, Jesse Wichmann, and Ethan Young. Marking their first appearance at our show were artists Ryan Bodenheim, Jerry Gaylord, Penelope Gaylord, and Bryan Turner!

In 2014, Page One Entertainment announced that Hero Bot Con would be rebranded and reimagined as TWIN TIERS COMIC-CON! This new convention from Page One was set to be a 2-day event, thus growing the show from a local to a regional convention. Twin Tiers Comic-Con (“TTCC” or “T2C2”) was announced to take place at the First Arena in Elmira, NY on August 16-17, 2014. The event featured Guests of Honor, Lloyd Kaufman and Ethan Van Sciver. Page One’s first 2-day event proved to be a success thanks to our awesome and dedicated fans. At our premier T2C2 event, 2,000 people flooded the First Arena to celebrate comics, art, video games, and cosplay!

Arriving around 1130 am, My buddy and I were greeted at the door by amazing staff. We did have to wait a bit for one of the event coordinators to come greet us and provide us with our press passes for the day. However, everyone was super friendly and inviting. Walking into the Arena, we were greeted by a large merch table selling t-shirts and prints as well as a pick up spot for the all the VIP Swag which seemed very much worth the $45 price tag associated with a VIP ticket.

All along the concourse were Cosplay groups. Everything from Resident Evil to Star Wars.




There was even an awesome little spot for the little kids to play, which I thought was super convenient.

Once inside the arena floor, we were met by one of my favorite groups, Ghostbusters of Rochester, NY. I had originally met these awesome folks at Salt City Collect-a-Con this year and was excited to see them again. They did not disappoint with their amazing display





Moving on from there were met with opportunities to take photos with famous vehicles from Pop Culture. On hand this year was the DeLorean from Back to the Future, a jeep from Jurassic Park, the Impala from Supernatural and the TARDIS from Doctor Who

IMG_2802 IMG_2803 IMG_2804 IMG_2800


All along artist alley were vendors selling items they made. One vendor who stood out to me was Madison Lopresto of Custom Crochet Designs. She makes awesome crochet dolls, including this awesome Pikachu and Rainbow Dash

IMG_2809 (1)


Walking along Artist Alley, I had a chance to meet James O’Barr, the creator of The Crow. This was a very special thing for me as The Crow is not only one of my favorite movies but also one of my favorite graphic novels. All the artists and vendors were super friendly and the artists on hand even took time to sign a few autographs

IMG_2811 (1)


All in all this was an amazing event. Very much family friendly. Ticket prices were reasonable at around $20 day of and $17 in advance. The only hard expense was food at the arena concessions. Artists selling prints were reasonably priced and all the vendors as well had decent pricing. Comic-Cons of any size are always a fan event for kids and comic fans a like. The Cosplayers at this event did not disappoint with their costumes

Twin Tiers Comic-Con is Urban Geek CNY APPROVED!! we cannot wait until next years Con which is scheduled for August 13-14, 2016

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