Fan Theory: Bruce Wayne is a Patient at Arkham


We all know the back story of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Witnesses his parents death, grows up to become a vigilante against crime. One thing that is often left out is that these “villians” of Gotham (despite what the Fox TV show says) did not appear in Gotham until Batman did. In other words Gotham did not need Batman until Batman needed Gotham. Let’s be real and honest for a moment, what police force in the history of police forces would allow a vigilante to exist in such a way. Thats way this theory makes so much sense.


As a young boy, Bruce Wayne witness the violent murder of his parents. And if we are to believe the 1000000 re telling of this story, he too almost met a similar demise. With the Gotham TV series being the except, we are never told what happens to Master Bruce for the years following. Sure we get glimpses into the past but never a full detail. What if Bruce went crazy? What if he is locked up in Arkham Asylum and everything we know about the Batman universe is a delusion? The theory goes like this:original

Ok, granted this theory leaves A LOT of things unanswered and unexplained; i.e. Robin (all 4 versions), Catwoman, Mr Freeze, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon etc. But we can always write them in can’t we?

  • “Robin” is the name of a young boy Bruce meets in Arkham, he changes identity every time a new boy comes to Arkham
  • “Catwoman” is also a patient, a crazy cat lady who befriends bruce and occasionally turns her back on him
  • “Mr Freeze” is in fact Doctor Victor Fries, a Arkham Physician in the Arkham infirmary who keeps his office ice cold
  • “Batgirl” similar to “Robin” except she is the daughter of the man in charge of Arkham….a man by the name of Gordon.

So tell me – What is your favorite superhero theory?

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