Time To Level Up


You know a funny thing happened a while back. I got a legitimate writing job with a local weekly publication. I got to be a tech columnist for a bit. Exciting right? It was. I was finally doing something I always wanted to do. Except it wasn’t….

While anyone who knows me knows that I love talking and writing about tech. The truth is I like doing it on my terms, in a forum I can give an opinion and not speak in general terms. Also being forced to write actually caused me to hate writing to much that I stopped doing it for fun on here.


So it is time to Level UP. Time to get back to writing about what I love and focusing on this website. To do that I will go back in time a bit and FINALLY put content regarding comic con. I  recognize that a lot of time has passed but damn it I want to talk Batman vs Superman, Deadpool and Suicide Squad. I am also going to talk about the sudeen (and awesome) rise of Jason Todd.


Also I think it is almost time to release my secret project. So watch for that. Its time to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start doing what I want to be doing.

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