5 Times TV Predicted The Future of Technology


Technology is a wonderful thing. It is every changing, and always growing. There are new things that come out everyday that help to change and shape our lives for the better. When these new products and gadgets come out we always herald its creator as a genius for coming up with such life changing things. However, sometimes we do not realize just how many times television has predicted the future of technology.

5 times television predicted the future of technology –

  1. Videophones (The Jetsons)

jetsonstvEvery phone call in The Jetsons was made via video phone. This futuristic concept is alive and well today with FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts. We can be hundreds of miles apart and still be able to speak face to face with one another.

  1.  Automatic Doors (basically every scifi show)

In most, if not all science fiction shows, when someone approaches a door it magically just opens. Now every supermarket in the world has this kind of technology. Granted it has been around for a while but still, it was on TV first.

  1. Voice activated computers (Star Trek)

Every time Captain Picard, or Captain Kirk for the older generation, needed to find someone or know something they simply walked up to a console and said “Computer” followed by whatever it was they needed. Today with technology like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana that power is in our hands. Simply saying “Hey Siri” or “OK, Google” activates our voice responsive computers unlocking a world of knowledge (when Siri can actually understand what we are saying)

  1. Farmville (The Simpsons)

ahead-of-its-timeYes Farmville. Remember that game that swept the Facebook community by storm. The one we all hated receiving requests for? This was predicted in a Simpsons episode where the the children of Springfield went batty for a game called Yard Work Simulator

  1. Tablets (Star Trek: The next generation)

originalThe Tablet computer. Or as it was known of Star Trek: The Next Generation a PADD. During the entire run of this classic Sci Fi show, members of the Enterprise crew can be seen carrying around essentially what looked to be an iPad Mini. They used these devices for personal correspondence, or running the entire ships engineering department. Either way, it successfully predicted the entire tablet market as it is today

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