Why I Choose iPhone Over Android and Why That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Tech Writer


David vs Goliath, Yankees vs Red Sox, Jordan vs James, Ali vs Fraizer, Tyson vs Holyfield – iPhone vs Android? Yea, it staks up there as one of the greatest battles and debates of all time. Futhermore, we all have a side and battle lines are clearly drawn in the sand. Don’t believe me? The next person you see ask them two questions – Apple or Android? Why? watch there response. Some won’t care others will clearly care and tell you that one of them just sucks. I have written before about why your cellphone does not matter (check out part 1 and part 2).

carousel-samsung-galaxy-s-5-charcoal-black-380x380-1I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Best Buy and switched my service off my iPhone 6 onto this device. Within a few hours I was back on the iPhone 6. I spent the next week or so play with the device without a cellular connection, because honestly all you need is WiFi to learn a devices funtionality nowadays. There were parts of the Android system I enjoyed. These are the same things I love about my Galaxy Tablet

  • Customization
  • Widgets
  • Empty homepage to display a nice background
  • Expandable memory
  • Wireless charging capabilities.

After that, there was nothing a truely found to be remarkable about Android over my iPhone. I found the OS to be quite clunky, updates and notififactions as well were super clunky and annoying. So I sold the phone. I stayed with my iPhone. People have accused me of being biased towards Apple and not talking about Android. Or favoring Apple while talking about both systems. Maybe this is true, maybe it isn’t. However, I feel every writer is going to have their own biases especially when it comes to tech, and truthfully that does not make me a bad tech writer.

I choose iPhone over Android because it just works. I do not have to fumble with it or anything. It does what I need my phone to do. Sure, eventually Andriod can become the norm for me too but its not. I have been with iPhone for a few years now. Maybe it is the idea of having too much freedom with my phone that I find slightly over whelming. Or maybe it is the design ofiphone-6-camera the hardware itself for Android phones I find so under whelming. Its awesome that Android does not need to be tethered to my computer for updates and my apps are connected to my Google login and are restored automatically. But iPhone just works for me and my technological eco-system.

Your cellphone is a personal item and doesn’t dfine you. Just because you use one phone over another does nothing to describe the type of person you are.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Choose iPhone Over Android and Why That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Tech Writer

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  1. I’m an Android guy when it comes to my phone & a non-Apple guy when it comes to everything else. Personal preference or bias; take your pick. lol Most people buy “I” stuff more because it’s fashionable than because it’s better. Even PC World keeps ranking Android phones higher than iPhones. Sure, I hate the bloatware on my phone and wish I could get rid of all of it; otherwise I’m happy.

    And you should be happy with your choice as well. If it works better for you, that’s all that counts.


  2. You’re a bad tech writer because you can’t remove “Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The Untitled Theme.” at the bottom of your “website”

    Also, It was Evander HOLYFIELD. Try a spell check or some actual research to back up your opinion writing.


    1. I would love to remove the footer but seeing as how I don’t make money of this site yet I don’t have an extra $100 to pay to customize the CSS. I am accepting any and all donations


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