Does Your Cellphone Matter? Part 2


So back in 2014 I wrote this post ask the question Does your cellphone matter? I want to revisit this idea. Lately I have been considering switching from an iPhone 6 to an Android Smart Phone. I have been eyeing these devices for quite sometime. However now that I have gotten Sprint to reset my upgrade, I have been faced with a certain anxiety over making the switch. For as long as I can remember I have been using iOS, however over the course of the last year I have strayed away from the all inclusive apple ecosystem and have gone back to google for contact and calendar back up (versus iCloud). I know also back up all of my photos to dropbox not iCloud.

As materialistic as this may sound, every time I think of trading the iPhone for the new S6, I feel a part of my self identity slipping away. That sounds so pathetic now that I wrote it out.

So I have thought about what it is I do with my cell phone.

– Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Banking, Text Messaging, email, actual phone calls, swarm check-ins, and various other little things.

This thought process drew me to two separate conclusions 1 – Why the heck do I have 76 applications on my phone if I only use about 10 and 2 – Why does my phone matter to me so much?

The first conclusion is simple I am an app horder

The second however is so much more complicated and made me face a difficult reality. I care WAY too much about how other view me. I feel, as dumb and crazy as it sounds, I will be viewed differently by my peers for NOT having an iPhone as if to say Android phones are not good enough.

The truth is, in the last couple of years, iOS has been adding features already available in Android. the difference is iOS is on 1 phone versus the dozens of Android devices. Because there is only 1 iPhone (not talking about styles, talking about 1 phone running iOS) it makes it SEEM more exclusive and a larger status symbol.

OMG…this all sounds so bad and superficial and sad and pathetic and I am crazy. But am I? How many of you can say you would be 100% ok just switching phones? How many “just cant live without their iPhone”? Why? What is so special about your iPhone you could not achieve on an Android device?

So again I am asking the questions, Does you cellphone matter?

3 thoughts on “Does Your Cellphone Matter? Part 2

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  1. I think that there are pros and cons to both. I used to have an iPhone and there were certain things that I really liked about it. To me the decision became easy when my contract renewal came up and from what I recall I could get the latest iPhone for $199, or a Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1.00. I think that with the S6 Samsung is trying too hard to compete with Apple. I like that I can carry two or three extra batteries with me when I travel.

    Just my opinion.


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